The policy of small countries

-We live in a difficult times..the world is entering in a new stage where everything is transforming so and the people.

with the informations that we gain trough our computers everything is different,all things are much faster then before.

the traditions among nations also has been transformed and so the cultures,and many of the moral values.

there are countries with different nationalities and different languages.

also there is so much class distinction among people.

there are on one side the rich and on the other side the poor,like there is not middle class anymore? is this only my opinion or this is happening for a very long period of time?!

the most accurate thing that is happening is that the small countries are without a voice in their external relations. the external policy suffers and there is no way out.

the international law is no longer that important between countries.

people say there is nothing we can do,its government fault,but its everybody fault.

every single person counts,and its important to the society and each of us can contribute to the welfare of our country,one way or another.

you will ask-But our Economy is not stable,we have low salaries,there is too much administration etc.

well,that is true but this is happening because the governments in small countries has no strategies at all. they plan things only in short terms.

but we need results on long terms,as stability in every aspect.






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