stop thinking of ourselves

all the times we see that things are not always as simple as they seem. we should always try to see ourselves from different angles. the most important thing is to try to find the real you and when you realize that you not only have ability to find yourself,you have the ability to free yourself. its entirely up to you. stop blaming others for your own mistakes in life. listen to the voice inside your head,examine this voice,and get to know it better.

if you pay attention,you will come to see that much of what the voice says is not important.

there is no reason of our attempt to figure everything out. the real problem is not life itself. the outside world has its own tempo his own laws. we must live our lives accordingly to our own ideas. don’t pay attention to the outside events so much . there always be another events. stop for a moment and think about your own world. your deepest ideas and dreams. in the world of ideas there is always something you can do. always to take some action.

reality is sometimes too real. so we use our mind as a protection mechanism,a form of defense. the best thing you can do is hold your thoughts together all the time when everything seems so difficult.

true personality growth is important.

the only way to find joy and peace is to stop thinking about yourself all the time!

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