Without Government there is an anarchy. if there is no Government every person will have absolute freedom.

We need the Government because people by themselves have not accomplish true self conciseness for what is righteous and how we should behave according to the unwritten laws of our community.

Those ideas for absolute freedom lead on the path of dictation. In all that period of chaos dominates the law of power where the own who is more stronger prevails.

The Government itself its enough to protect the laws formed by the Constitution as a highest act of each country.

All the times Governments are trying to control their expenses ,trying to to protect their economies by reducing their spendings and cutting a lot of money on social programs and health programs where people need government help the most.

But also education programs must improve for students to have more chances. Simply to meet with their education goals and after that pay back easily their loans which are way to expensive. We must do something about that!

This country has always fought for human rights and democracy and i think that we must liberate our freedom of speech in every possible way to tell to all those people who are in charge for our country that we do wish the best for our country and for its people and everything depends how wise will plan a strategy for overcoming the failures by the previous government.

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