-The Reader-

Water flowed. The sun rose in the east as usual. streets had their own invisible order.

simply i’ve gotten lost so often. kind strangers everywhere.

i could not find my way back.

everything terrified me. the familiar beat of my heart again.

at the half way of my existing i had a strange feeling.

anything is possible.

i was quite,i did everything as i have been told.

i made a great discovery which change my whole perception.

i once again found pure love. and it was like a growing tree. at the beginning unstable,small and almost invisible.

i looked for answers everywhere,mostly deep inside myself,i found profound words. everything was happening so quickly like rare cloudy storm in one single summer day. like fresh breeze.

i felt young and alive. i heard music in my ears overtime i thought about how i felt. i was in love with life.

with universal complete feeling which resound inside of my head. i was astonished by my own wisdom.

i was speaking in one particular moment so loudly in such a different way.

i was fighting to be recognized.

everything had an impact,i thought.

and everything happened for a reason.

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