THE STORY OF JANE by Sanja Stevceva

-Jane could not remember the purpose of her life,as someone gave her sleeping pill,she can’t wake up anymore.

everything seemed so dark,the whole sky was gray and filled with dark clouds. she was embracing the darkness of unfaithful love,from love that was condemned of dead and it wasn’t because of her. it was because of HIM.

Tom was the loser,he lost her,and finally they were getting a divorce and eventually things will change forever. she promised herself that she will be strong,and she will not give a damn about this whole situation. but it was painful after all.

she was in a bad dream,constantly dreaming how things were supposed to be among them. she missed her tom,her companion. he was everything and nothing right now for her. tom betray her. he slept with another women and lord knows how many times,and that woman was older then him and blond,very different from jane actually.

and now jane was feeling lonely and depressed and didn’t know how to tell her family,her friends and her six year old boy. she felt sorry for herself,she never thought that this could happen to her,to them. not to them.

perhaps she was so naive and idealistic,but she always somehow believed in fairy tales. in true and endless love. in soulmates. and she hardly believed that there could be second chance for experiencing true and real emotions.pure and invisible to the others.

but now everything was over for her.


-to be continued-


-sledi produzetak-

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