power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

-As you all can see the past of Republic of Macedonia is a dead issue, and nobody can’t gain any momentum moving toward the future if we are dragged into the past.We must all forget those struggles for who will lead ,who will be in charge and concentrate on our national interest. That is the future of Macedonia towards EU AND NATO.

Macedonian people are not to be blamed for their low incomes, they are a hard working people but the problem is that the private sector is too much exhausted with the burden of uneducated mass. Most of them gain they knowledge by passing with corruption thats why young people are not fighting with legal methods in this country instead they are using the technology of manipulation and humiliation with one another with one single goal to frighten our intelligence to run from our country in fear that there is no place for them in such environment. Like there is no fair competition and selection from the best. and this is like an illness on all levels in the country. Fear, humiliation and manipulation.

We create our world, and it suppose to be a world of morality ,friendship and practicing the law for the whole society to prosper.

Macedonia has a future if people and their thinking change as like if they change their attitude.Macedonia once again proved that although right now we have new prime minister people still go to work, still have faith that things will improve, and yet they don’t want to lose the freedom to call them selves Macedonians!!


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