-I always believed that people should fight for their happiness, although sometimes there are bad circumstances which cause the different outcome of what we have planned for ourselves.

But the worst case scenario is neglecting our freedom of choice is perhaps what happens to most of us. Like we don’t allow ourselves the freedom of making decisions. We give these rights to third-party people. People who have no idea how it is to have a dream, a passion, a plan for your future.

Somehow it seems that nobody cares how you feel deep down inside yourself. Or for example -do you believe in something higher? something like a life goal.

Well, maybe here my mother will say-you always lived in a world of high expectations, the real world is not the same place as it was fifty years ago.

It would take a lot of time figuring this whole concept about making free choices, but for now, I will satisfy myself to starting exercise every day at least for 20-30 minutes per day. It seems ok to stay fit even its winter and everybody are eating a lot of carbs.

And no matter what I will always follow my dreams!